Monday, April 4, 2011

Thankful for blessing EVEN over the toliet!

"I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me VICTORY." Psalm 118

I know... odd title for a blog post! But every morning for the last 6 weeks, I have been singing praises to the heavens over the toilet. Yes, over the toilet! Ben and I are over joyed to announce that we are EXPECTING a beautiful baby in late October.

When I started this blog the intention were to keep everyone updated on our Fertility Journey. However, that hit a snag in mid February. We had decided after our failed IVF in November that we would take a significant break from fertility treatment and just live. Not to mention our finical egos had taken hit. Being the Dave Ramsey weirdos that we are we knew that we would not being going through another IVF without the "funds" being strongly in place! Just like last summer money started to magically appear over the next 3 months. I knew my dad was lying when he told me money didn't grow on trees. :) Hahahahaha but, crazy things were just going our way.

At the beginning of February we knew the time was getting close and I made the phone call to see what we needed to do to get everything rolling. It was simple call when I got my next period...that dates came and went with nothing. In my mind I was thinking my body was back to its old unfuctioning self. However, RMA would not let me rule out the fact that we could be (in a whisper voice) pregnant. Really? Just a year ago they informed us that we had 5% chance of getting pregnant! So....what would you think? My theory sounds way more believable then theirs. After a week of debating whether to take the test or not....I gave in a did it.

Honestly, I had no expectation for the test. But, to my surprise it came back with a positive! We confirmed the next day with blood work.

I heard this song about 3 weeks after we got our exciting news and just felt Gods blessings coming full circle!