Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing is Impossible

"For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. Even so, you have done well to share with in my present difficulty." Philippians 4:13-14

Through you,

I do can do anything,

I can do all things,

For it's you who gives me strength


Through you blind eyes are open

Strongholds are broken,

I am living by Faith,


I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe in YOU!

In June after my laparoscopy our Doctor presented all the facts for us about our situation and where we stood with our treatment. Coming off of 2 failed IUI's and getting the results of the laparoscopy I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Although we were relieved that the surgery went well and they found nothing we were left with very little answers to why the IUI's didn't work. Dr. Arredondo explained that with Ben's morphology issue and my lack of regular ovulating, we'd only have a 5% chance of conceiving on our own. WHAT!?! 5% that is crazy. However, we can do another clomid IUI and that increases our chances to 17% or if we choose to go ahead with IVF our chances go all the way up to 65-70% chance. Sounds like a no brain-er right? That's what I thought, sign me up for IVF.

So it was decided we would do IVF! I gathered all the information about it: cost, process and the details about the actual procedure. We knew that the cost would be the largest factor in whole deal. Sadly our insurance does not cover IVF so it would come out of our pockets. Fortunately Ben and are strict Dave Ramsey followers and when pushed came to shove we knew we did not want to go into debt. The reality was that we wanted to make sure we on God's plans not ours. Having the most realistic, level headed husband I have we both agreed if IVF was what we needed to do to extend our family then we'd have to buckle down and save the money so we could pay cash. I knew God was at work and was incomplete control of our situation. When I thought I couldn't do it anymore this verse and this song would push me, and push me to continue to seek his will for our journey.

I know medically they gave us 5% but through God nothing is impossible!

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  1. You are right! Through God nothing is impossible because His ultimate plan is PERFECT!